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“EPDOR” Prague 1, Czech Republic

is a company focused on providing the services such as: effective project management, investment process management, ICT tools in project management, risk management, budgeting, procurement and contracting strategies, product innovation, international trading, engineering as well as business development in energy, mining, transportation and petrochemical industries.



“PROCESTEC” is an engineering firm specialized in process design, process modeling/simulations ,process modification & operations support.

“PROCESTEC” major experience is developed in Oil and Gas Production and Treatment Facilities, specially:

Oil Field Production facilities (Oil and Gas Separation Units)

Gas compression plants

Acid Gas treatment (CO2 / H2S)

Refinery Units (Distillation Service)

Refinery Utility Systems

Crude Oil, Refined products and Liquefied Gases Storage Terminals


SINOARS is one of the leading international supplier of field of welding stud. Sinoarssupply customers worldwide the following quality products and services with the highest standards:

  • Shear Connector
  • Ceramic Ferrule
  • Arc Stud Welding Machine

As SINOARS have manufactured more than 100 types high quality round head welding studs, till date is being used in over 40 different countries and regions on thousands concrete structures and Bridges projects.


Shear connectors also named Shear Studs, Concrete Anchors, or Headed Welding Studs, are typically used in composite steel construction to tie the concrete to steel members and resist shear forces between the concrete slab and steel members.


Ceramic Ferrules are essential part of the standard shear connectors (shear studs) drawn arc stud welding process. The ceramic ferrule is used for one weld only and is removed once the molten metal has solidified.


SINOARS® drawn arc stud welding technology, can weld the welding studs (include shear connectors) with diameter 8mm – 25mm to the surface of work piece in very short time.